Good Copywriting

What is Copywriting?

An essential element of online marketing, copywriting is strategically writing words that convince people to take some form of action.  In the online world that could include calling your business, signing up to your list or making a purchase.

A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold!

New businesses, smaller businesses and sometimes even the big guys will try and write their own copy, how hard could it be after all you know how to use words…right?  Typically the results range from sorta okay to downright awful.  Yes, we do all need to write but that doesn’t mean you’ve got the experience to do it for a living.  A good copywriter is more than just knowing how to write, here’s how a good copywriter can help you.

  1. A copywriter will understand exactly what you’re selling

This sounds incredibly obvious but it isn’t, especially if you’re business is serviced based.  This doesn’t mean they will simply understand what you offer but they will understand how your product affects people’s lives.  They understand pain points and how to use them, does your customer want to save time, make money, find happiness or all of them.  Good advertising is based on emotion not features and benefits.

  1. A copywriter will help you find your target audience

Connecting with the right audience is no small feat.  A good copywriter knows who is going to be reading their message, how they talk, fears and desires and most importantly what makes them tick.  If you want to persuade people to do something deliver the message in the type of language they understand.  Copywriters understand that voice is just as important as the message and that is a rare skill.

  1. A copywriter will keep your message simple and to the point

Even if your product or service is complicated, your message should be.  Think of the old Verizon commercials when mobile phones were a fairly new product, instead of using long drawn out technical explanations of why their network was better they had a guy running around the country saying “can you hear me now”.  A copywriter did that, and that campaign was incredibly successful.  Another example is the Nike slogan “Just do it”, make no mistake copywriting is more than thinking up clever slogans.  It’s the skilled use of the right language to get your message across.

  1. A copywriter will help you define your narrative

The last thing you want to do is look and sound just like your competitors.  A good copywriter can help find your unique selling point and position differently from your competition.  If you  look and sound like everyone else offering the same service your only competitive edge is price and that you never want to rely on.  Price will kill you every time!

This is just the beginning of what a good copywriter can do.

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